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Exemption Statement
1. Any information (including, but not limited to, any comments, forecasts, charts, indexes, theories, direct or suggestive indication) appearing or once appeared in this website should only be used for reference, and you will be responsible for your own decision.
The information offered by this website such as comments regarding stock market and exchange market, investment analysis reports and forecast articles, etc. only serve as reference. This website strives to achieve, but not guarantee, the accuracy of data, and if any error and omission occur, the newspapers and periodicals or websites designated to disclose the information of listed companies by relevant supervisory authorities will prevail.
ICBC will not bear any responsibility for any loss resulted from, or from reliance on, the data of this website, in whole or part, nor will it bear any responsibility for any loss resulted from any inadequate and incomplete data provided, or failure to provide particular data by this website.

2. Internet transmission may probably be subject to interference, interrupt, delay or data error. ICBC will not bear any responsibility for inaccuracy or delay of any data and transaction probably resulted from the breakdown of communication facility beyond the control ability of ICBC.

3. The data and contents provided by other websites through their link with this website will only serve for your browse and reference. Please distinguish and judge the relevant contents by yourself, and ICBC will not bear any responsibility for the result hereof.

4. In case that local law probably provides forced liability restriction and exemption, the forced law should prevail.