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Android Internet Banking

Android Internet Banking is a client software based on Google's Android operating system for ICBC Internet Banking customers. A whole range of more comprehensive and excellent online financial services are available once you logon ICBC Personal Internet Banking through your Android OS tablet PC using the client software, where you can check balance and details, transfer or remit money, buy/sell precious metal via account or physical precious metal, trade FX, fund, T-bond, use credit card services or pay bill.

II.Target Clients
ICBC Personal Internet Banking customers.

III.Application Conditions
Download and install the client software from ICBC web portal (www.icbc.com.cn) or Google Play Store. The name of the app is "ICBC Internet Banking" (We recommend you to download and install from ICBC website).

1. Android tablet PC does not support you to logon Personal Internet Banking through browser. You have to logon Android Internet Banking via ICBC client software.
2. You are recommended to use Android OS 3.2 tablet PC.

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