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“I GO Gift for New Customers” up to RMB666 Universal Coupon

from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019


I. Activity Time
Card issuance: from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
Prize claiming: from January 1, 2019 to February 28, 2020

II. Activity Details
From January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, new customers who have successfully applied for the Bank’s credit cards for the first time, activated them within 30 days after issuance and made one card-linked purchase of at least RMB66 within 30 days after activation are entitled to acquiring prizes (consisting of RMB66 cashback, RMB168 e-Life universal electronic coupon and RMB666 e-Life universal electronic coupon) at the “I GO Gift for New Customers” zone of e-Life APP. The system randomly allocates a prize to each customer. Each customer is entitled to one prize. Limited quota on a first-come-first-served basis.

III. Target Products
Only new customers of the following three types of products can participate in the activity: products issued through UnionPay and VISA “1 + 1”, products issued through UnionPay and MasterCard “1 + 1”, and single-logo UnionPay card products. ICBC “Despicable Me 3”, ICBC Palace Museum and Plus series (including without limitation to I Car, Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur, Jingdong and Global) of credit card products are not included in this activity.

IV. Activity Rules
i. New customers refer to customers whose first ICBC credit card issuance date is within the activity period. The card approval date is the issuance date, which is subjected to the successful account opening date displayed in the ICBC system, and the customer will receive the message of successful card issuance.
ii. Customers will be entitled to prizes if they activate cards within 30 days after issuance and make a card-linked purchase of at least RMB66 within 30 days after activation. Such 30 days refer to 30 calendar days. The bookkeeping day of consumption recorded in the clearing system of ICBC will be taken as the consumption date of each transaction. Time delay may occur to consumption data. Thus, customers are advised to claim prizes one week after becoming eligible. Card-linked transactions include the transactions conducted via WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay cloud quick pass payment app, ICBC e-Life and ICBC Link as well as the Pay transactions conducted via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Huawei Pay on mobile phones.
iii. Before and after obtaining the eligibility for prizes, customers can download and register e-Life APP and authenticate it with a true name. Customers may enter “ICBC e-Life” APP - “Zone for New Customers” - “I GO gifts for new customers” and click prize claiming. The e-Life background system will judge whether customers are eligible for prizes in a real-time manner. If yes, prizes will be sent. Otherwise, activity rules will be displayed to prompt that they are ineligible. Customers need to claim prizes by the end of February 2020. Otherwise, eligibility will be nullified.
iv. If the prize claimed by a customer is RMB66 cashback, the cashback will be sent to the customer’s credit card account in next month following claiming. If it is e-Life universal electronic coupon, the coupon will be charged into the customer’s e-Life account in a real-time manner.
Use rules (subject to the regulations on the electronic coupon face) for universal electronic coupons:
1. RMB666 or 168 electronic coupons can be used in the following scenarios: zone of I GO gifts for new customers, phone top-up, data purchase, fuel card recharge, video membership recharge, game recharge, movie tickets, takeaways and trips via ICBC e-Life APP.
2. An electronic coupon can be directly redeemed when the selling price of a commodity is higher (at least RMB0.01 more than the denomination) than its denomination, and only one electronic coupon can be used for each transaction;
3. Electronic coupons are valid for 30 days. Upon expiry, the customers will be deemed as waiving the coupons. ICBC will not issue them again.
v. If cardholders cancel their credit cards before ICBC verifies whether they are eligible, they will be disqualified for such offer and they shall not require ICBC to compensate them in any form.
vi. Commodity return, reversal or cancellation will disqualify customers for prizes, and ICBC reserves the right to recover the reward that has been presented to disqualified customers.
vii. ICBC reserves the right to cancel the eligibility of customers who are found to maliciously get prizes by taking advantage of the activity rules.
viii. If customers have any doubt of the activity, they may raise it to ICBC within 90 natural days after the end of the activity. Otherwise, it won’t be accepted.
ix. To the extent permitted by law, ICBC reserves the right to amend the terms and rules of the activity, and suspend or cancel the activity, which takes effect upon the announcement on ICBC’s official website.