Illegal persons may create a false website on Internet or send emails to ask you to provide you account number and password in name of award and special offer, or ask you to input bank account and password on a false website. Illegal persons may also imply occurrence of an emergency that threatening your account safety in name of the bank to let you provide account number and password. Moreover, even you don't provide personal information as required by the email or false website, click links of a mail or false website may install Trojan program or computer virus unknowingly, resulting in Internet bank account and password being stolen. Therefore, please mind the following points:

¥ Please directly input website address when visiting ICBC website. You are suggested that add ICBC website address to the "Favourite Fold" in browser and do not using links to indirectly visit ICBC website.
ICBC website:

¥ Be careful to identify false website. If having any doubt or questions, please immediately contact us by calling at 95588.

¥ After logging on ICBC website, please carefully check certificate information corresponding on the padlock icon on the state column on the right bottom corner of browser:
Issued to:
Issued by: by Ref. LIABILITY LTD.(c) 97 VeriSign
Expiration: check whether safety certificates is within the expiration.

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