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Online Security Scan

Online Security Scan is a free computer safety service that ICBC offers to the Internet Banking customers.

1. State-of-Art Technology
Empowered by MS ActiveX technology, ICBC Online Security Scan detects and removes spyware and system bugs in Internet Banking on your PC through using the internationally cutting-edge security engine and downloading the Online Security Scan control and virus signature codes via IE.
2. Antivirus Protection
ICBC Online Security Scan can scan and remove malicious software that may affect Internet Banking safety, in particular, spyware. Conducting scanning and removal of spyware before you use the Internet Banking services can prevent your Internet bank account and password and other important information from being stolen through malicious software. ICBC Online Security Scan is a physical exam to your PC, providing you with powerful safety protection for your Internet Banking!
3. PC Bugs Detection
ICBC Online Security Scan can help to detect the operations system bugs on your PC, remind you to regularly update your system, and provide real-time protection to your PC.

How to Use:
Click "Online Security Scan" on the ICBC Internet Banking logon page and follow the instructions on the page to complete the security scan. Details of the online security scan are as follows:

Alternatively, you can download the "Online Security Scan (Chinese Version)" control, install and use it on your PC.
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