Verified by VISA

"Verified by Visa", a new program from ICBC and Visa International, is a service to increase security while shopping online at overseas websites so that many more holders of Peony International Credit Card can enjoy shopping at websites in foreign countries. "Verified by Visa" service has been opened to cardholders in November 1st, 2004.

"Verified by Visa" is a real-time online payment authentication program jointly introduced by ICBC and Visa International to cardholders. Through the confidential information and password reserved by cardholder, this new program effectively lower the risk of credit card being used by others by verifying the validity of overseas websites as well as authenticating the cardholder.

Holders of Personal Peony Visa Card can enroll this service free of charge when register Internet Banking of ICBC International Card or after logon. Customer should reserve confidential information and payment password when enrolling in this program and it will take effect in real time. After that, he/she can buy whatever he likes at the overseas online merchants with "Verified by Visa" offered. Just confirm the shopping list and amount and make the payment online.

Shopping Flow of Personal Peony Visa Card:

1. When you are shopping online at overseas merchants either labeled with "Verified by Visa" or "Verified by Visa enabled", and to use Visa Card to pay, merchant will automatically validate if the card you used has been enrolled in ICBC Verified by Visa program after you enter your credit card number and all the other required data.

2. If the card has not been enrolled in the program, ICBC system will guide you to enroll.

3. If the card has been enrolled, please check the "Confidential Information" automatically displayed at the pop-up window. If this information matches with the one you reserved, enter payment password and submit to make the payment.


1. During the authentication, you have to confirm if "Confidential Information" is identical with what you have reserved. Identical information indicates that this is a secure online merchant. If not, please stop this payment immediately and contact ICBC Customer Service Center as soon as possible.

2. If you forget the password during shopping, please click "Forget Password". The system will automatically switch to ICBC Internet Banking interface. You can get back your original payment password by entering ^Password Hints ̄. Or logon ICBC website directly, change the password at "Self-help Registration of International Card Password Resetting" at the lower right corner of "Personal Internet Banking Logon" page.

3. To ensure that your password is safe, the account will be locked after the password is entered wrongly for cumulatively more than 6 times in one day. The account will be automatically released the next day.

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