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Research Institute

The Urban Finance Research Institute was established in 1993. The Institute is an internal department engaged in strategic planning, market study, policy dissemination and organizing academic activities. Responsibilities are: formulation of ICBC strategic development plan of mid-to-long term, business background study and business strategy analysis, publication of China Urban Finance and Finance Forum, taking charge of the daily activities of China Urban Finance Society and ICBC Urban Finance Society, routine management of ICBC Post-Doctoral Research Center and the compilation of ICBC History. As ICBC moving ahead, Urban Finance Research Institute adopts a working approach of "One Theme, Two Points, Three Areas". One Theme - focus on the study of ICBC’s reform and progress; Two Points - strategic planning and market analysis; Three Areas - decision-support service for ICBC Leaders, synergy development of Head Office's departments and offices and public understanding on ICBC. By adopting this approach, significant progress could be made in both efficiency and influence.