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An alert pops up whey you try to use the ICBC debit card or credit card for quick payment, saying "sorry, incorrect mobile phone number recorded with the bank". How to deal with this problem?
To guarantee fund safety, your mobile phone number recorded at the bank shall be provided for verification when proceeding with the third-party payment. As the mobile number is an important customer information, only bank counters are available for change at the ICBC. Please take your valid ID documents to any outlets in local or non-local branch and tell bank clerk the prompts when opening quick payment to help solve your problem accordingly. Please wait around 15 minutes and then you can open Quick Pay and Xianjinbao, and other services. Prompts: For the safety of your deposit, starting from May 26, 2015, you will be called on the spot by the number your recorded during the process to make sure you do own the mobile. Otherwise, the process will be halted.