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ICBC Showcases Leading Technological Results at the World Intelligence Congress

Intelligent Finance + Self-support and Controllable


On May 20, 2021, the 5th World Intelligence Congress was opened at Tianjin Meijiang International Convention Center. ICBC, clinging to the theme of “Create a Better Life for All with Intelligence” at the Congress, showcased the scenarios from multiple dimensions in which Fintech empowers economic and social development, demonstrating the leading results that the Chinese financial industry has achieved in technology R&D, self-supporting and controllable capabilities, science-based governance system, etc.

In terms of intelligent services, ICBC, centering on the topic of Intelligent Eco-city, dynamically displayed 13 innovative scenario applications including ICBC e-Security, Commercial Medical Cloud, Digital Xiongan, Saibo Cloud, Labor Union Cloud, Metro Mobile Payment and Education and Training Cloud to audiences through digital city interaction. In recent years, ICBC has built an open integrated biosphere driven by API open platform and financial cloud. By the end of 2020, lessees of cloud platforms reached 33,000, partners of the API open platform exceeded 10,000, involving more than 5,000 effective internet-based scenarios.

In terms of intelligent services concerning people’s livelihood, ICBC demonstrated achievements in rural revitalization. Based on technologies such as big data and financial ecosystem cloud, ICBC rolled out the Digital Rural Comprehensive Service Platform, the first of its kind in the industry that adopts the “One Window for All” service mode to meet the information-based management needs on assets, resources and funds from agricultural and rural management departments and rural collective economic organizations. So far, the bank has signed strategic cooperation agreement with 16 provincial agricultural and rural departments covering 31 provinces and 157 prefecture-level cities, and reached cooperation with more than 550 agricultural and rural bureaus at the district and county level.

In terms of intelligent risk control, ICBC displayed its latest scientific achievement, the satellite remote sensing demonstration project, for the first time. Having combined the satellite remote sensing technique with AI technologies, the project provides intelligent post-lending monitoring of large engineering projects with the help of a high-resolution satellite remote sensing data-matched intelligent monitoring model, which effectively addresses the difficulties in field survey, high management cost and other problems in monitoring projects in remote areas after lending, thus further improving the intelligent monitoring level of credit risk. In the meantime, the global aircraft asset monitoring system independently developed by ICBC also appeared at the event. Relying on advanced technologies like Internet of Things, big data and electronic fence, the system has made aircrafts “digital”, monitoring “intelligent” and management “visual”. It currently implements all-round, around-the-clock and full-coverage management of more than 400 aircraft assets around the world. During the pandemic, ICBC Leasing conducted online check through the system, keeping aircraft leasing assets under management during the period, and making asset risk visible, manageable and controllable.

Moreover, ICBC showed a number of intelligent multimedia interactive experience projects that are independently developed or are first of their kind in the industry or lead the industry, such as Robot Combined Service, VTM, Intelligent Digital Robot, Precious Metals Display Box, Multifunctional License Card Creator Machine, etc.. With the help of technologies like audio, video and somatosensory interaction, the ICBC demonstration area provided wholly new financial service experiences to audiences.