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  2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
ICBC announced the 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited on 29th March 2012.This is the fifth report we have published since 2007. Ernst & Young Hua Ming carried out assurance procedures in relation to key sustainability indicators included in the Report. This Report includes six parts, they are, Chairman and President's Statement, Strategy and Profile, Economic Performance, Environmental Performance, Social Performance and Outlook, and shows the key points about serving the real economy, boosting the development of small and micro enterprises, speeding up overseas expansion and enhancing global services, advocating green finance, contributing to public welfare undertakings, caring for the employees, promoting business integrity, improving banking services,etc.
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 Economic Performance

Economy determines finance, and the status of the real economy determines the status of the monetary economy.In 2011, facing the severe and complex operating conditions at home and abroad...

 Environmental Performance

Low-carbon economy is an inevitable trend of the global economic development, and energy-saving and environment-friendly lifestyle is the direction of future human civilization...

 Social Performance

Centering on the idea of harmonious development,the Bank is committed to contributing to the Country,caring for people's well-being, assisting the needy...