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  ICBC released 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility(ESG)Report

ICBC released 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG) Report (“the Report”) on 30 March 2017. This is the 10th consecutive year the Bank published such report since 2007. KPMG Huazhen LLP performed assurance procedures on the Report.

The Report is complied on the framework of the Bank’s six-dimension CSR model covering Value Creator, Brand Builder, Green Bank, Creditworthy Bank, Harmonious Bank and Charity Bank. The Report unfolds the Bank’s efforts in improving responsibility system & strengthening responsibility communication, serving real economy & improving people’s livelihood, being dedicated to service innovation & building up global brands, promoting eco-friendly practices & advocating green finance, protecting customers’ rights and interests & strengthening internal control, creating harmonious & people-oriented culture, and advocating charity undertaking & building a charitable brand, as well as the outlook...

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