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  ICBC released 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility(ESG)Report

ICBC released 2018Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG) Report (“the Report”) on 28 March 2019. This is the 12th consecutive year the Bank published such report since 2007. KPMG Huazhen LLP performed assurance procedures on the Report.

The Report combines the Bank’s performance of social responsibilities with its vision of “Build a world-class and modern financial enterprise with global competitiveness by adhering to the principles of‘delivering excellence, sticking to our founding mission, customers' favourite, leading in innovation, security and prudence, and people-oriented.’”, based on which a main framework was developed. Meanwhile, with reference to the latest regulatory requirements of SSE and HKEx and based on social hot-spot issues such as inclusive finance, green finance, private economy, poverty relief through finance and customer service, the Report stresses efforts made by the Bank in creating value, corporate governance, serving the real economy, developing inclusive finance, practicing green finance, targeted poverty relief through finance, improving customer service, furthering financial innovation, protecting customers’ rights and interests and dedicating to people-oriented development as well as future prospects…

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