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  ICBC released 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility(ESG)Report

On March 27, 2020, ICBC publicly released the 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, which remarks the 13th formulation and release in a row. KPMG Huazhen LLP prepared the independent limited assurance report for this Report.

The Report bases its main frame on combining the performance of social responsibilities with the working ideas and visions of the Bank, and refers to the latest regulatory requirements. Centering on the deep concerns of stakeholders such as serving the real economy, developing inclusive finance, carrying out green finance, improving the quality of services, preventing and mitigating financial risks and precision poverty alleviation, the Report illustrates the Bank’s CSR performance, the results obtained in the aspects of corporate governance, customer services, support for the real economy, tech empowerment, value creation, global operation, innovation and transformation, risk control strengthening, people-oriented, and charity focusing on poverty alleviation, as well as the future outlook...

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