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What are the differences between inter-bank express transfer and inter-bank remittance in the ICBC Personal Internet Banking?
The difference are: 1) Requirement: Inter-bank express transfer require that the receiving bank has been enlisted in the Internet banking inter-link system, while no such requirement is needed for inter-bank remittance; 2) Remittance quota: Inter-bank express transfer is subject to the ceiling of RMB 50,000 for a single transaction as well as certificate medium’s quota, while the quota of inter-bank remittance is related to the online banking security medium you applied; 3) Time needed for transfer: Inter-bank express transfer can realize real-time transfer in normal circumstances, while that of the inter-bank remittance is determined by the system of our bank and the receiving bank. For the latter, large-sum remittance will be transferred during 9:00-17:00 in business days, while petty account system operates around the clock 7 days a week; 4) Charging rates: Additional fees will be charged for inter-bank express transfer on the basis of the those of inter-bank remittance.