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ICBC Global Market: RMB Interest Rate Market Update - May 16, 2019
On Wednesday (May 15), central parity exchange rate of RMB was 6.8649, a depreciation of about 0.42% over the previous trading day. RMB exchange rate in the interbank market opened at 6.8750 and closed at 6.8736 at 16:30, an appreciation of about 0.17% over the previous trading day, with the highest and lowest of 6.8649 and 6.8785, respectively. Regarding the swap market, the market trading was active, and swap points with different terms in the market went downwards. In the short term, the swap point with the next day term closed at 0.22, up 0.14 points over the previous trading day. In the medium and long term, the one-year swap point closed at 166, down 13 points over the previous trading day. Overseas RMB non-deliverable forward (NDF) declined by 180 points from the previous trading day to 6.9405. Its difference from domestic one-year forward exchange rate was 503 points.