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ICBC Online Matchmaking Facilitates China-Africa Agri-product Trade Cooperation


Recently, the 2020 Africa · China Matchmaking on Agri-products was successfully held via the ICBC Business Matchmaking Service Platform. Nearly 40 enterprises from China and five African countries participated in 48 online negotiations, covering such agri-products as coffee, cocoa, nuts and sesame. Intent on cooperation was reached on more than 40 projects on site, accounting for over 80% of the expected figure.

The event was jointly sponsored by ICBC and Standard Bank of South Africa. Translators and customer managers were assigned by the host to provide whole-process, all-around and full-chain service support, facilitating “boundless and limitless” communication and cross-border cooperation for all the participating enterprises, which was highly recognized by the participants. A coffee bean supplier from Kenya said in satisfaction: “It feels great to join the online business matchmaking event!” He talked with multiple Chinese enterprises and eventually reached cooperation with CASHCOFFEE, a Hunan-based food trade company.

The ICBC Business Matchmaking Service Platform, independently developed by ICBC and opened to global companies free of charge, has such core functions as “Marketplace” and “Events”, dedicating to helping enterprises from home and abroad integrate into global industrial chains, supply chains and value chains, and reach cross-border cooperation on merchandises, services, technologies, projects and capital. Since it was launched globally on August 28, nearly 20,000 enterprises from 38 countries and regions has reached agreements to join in the platform, covering over 30 industries, including food and agri-products, energy and chemicals, and technical equipment. In the meanwhile, it organized several cross-border matchmaking events between China and Myanmar, Malaysia and Luxembourg, and reached strategic cooperation with multiple domestic and foreign governments or trade organizations in Argentina, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia to jointly develop a global network characterized by openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation.

According to an official from Standard Bank of South Africa, the bank, driven by its vision “Africa is our home; we drive her growth”, works with ICBC, its strategic partner, to promote quality products from Africa to enter the Chinese market, as the strong demand of China offers an important opportunity for African products. The event that was held online under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, will bring both Chinese and African enterprises more and better business opportunities.

In 2019, trade value between China and Africa exceeded USD200 billion, making China Africa’s largest trade partner for 11 years in a row. The online matchmaking event on agri-products, as a positive measure of innovative collaboration taken by related parties, realize win-win cooperation between Chinese and African enterprises. ICBC and Standard Bank of South Africa reached strategic cooperation in 2008, by which ICBC held 20% equity of Standard Bank of South Africa, becoming its single biggest shareholder.