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ICBC Again Awarded the Best CSR Enterprise of the Year

Recently, at the 10th China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Session held in Beijing, ICBC was selected in the “List of the Socially Responsible Chinese State-owned Listed Enterprises” for the tenth year, and again won the awards of the “Best CSR Enterprise of the Year” and the “Best CSR Report of the Year” for fully assuming and putting its social responsibilities into practice. As a major criterion assessing the corporate social responsibility performance, ICBC winning the awards not only shows that its image as a corporate citizen and disclosure on social responsibility are widely recognized by the public, and also serves as a sign of Chinese enterprises achieving continuous progress in this respect.

An ICBC official stated that, ICBC stayed committed to integrating social responsibilities with its strategies and operation management, so as to continuously make progress in developing inclusive finance, supporting targeted poverty relief, protecting environmental resources and serving public interests. Moreover, it remains firm in its commitment to implementing the new development vision, maximizing the economic, environmental and social values while serving for the real economy in the supply-side structural reform, and doing its part well in sustaining economic growth, promoting social progress, and improving living standards. Meanwhile, it makes active efforts to develop a path of sustainable growth, establish a statistical system for social-responsibility-related indicators group-wide, and continue to improve its regulations, strategic planning, indicator assessment and other CSR management systems. ICBC has published the Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 11 years in a row since 2008. The report in traditional Chinese version was released in 2017, and H5 multimedia version was prepared and released in 2018, in addition to the existing Chinese and English bilingual version, further increasing the transparency of this work.

Organized by the Southern Weekly, the China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Session has been held for ten years since 2009, which is highly recognized by the public and is of great influence in China. With nearly 1,000 enterprises as participants, this year’s session aims to blaze the path for responsible organizations and individuals to take in the course of pursuing social harmony by publishing the Annual List, and build the benchmark of social responsibility of the year.