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ICBC Becomes the Largest Green Bond Underwriting Bank in China

In recent years, ICBC has actively implemented the idea of green development and green finance by providing consistent help to green project financing, such as energy conservation and environmental protection, pollution prevention and control, resource conservation and recycling through direct financing including bond underwriting. Statistics show that the total amount of green bonds sold by ICBC has reached RMB 38.3 billion this year, ranking the first among banking institutions and becoming the largest green bond underwriting bank in China.

To promote green development and boost economic structure adjustment and transformation of development model, the People's Bank of China and the National Development and Reform Commission launched the green financial bonds and green corporate bonds at the end of 2015, while in May 2016, National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII) launched the green non-financial corporate debt financing instrument. As one of the most important domestic underwriting agencies, ICBC, has participated in underwriting of innovative green bond products. It has issued the RMB 30 billion green financial bonds of Industrial bank (the first green financial bond in Mainland China), RMB 3 billion green financial bonds of BRICS New Development Bank (the first RMB green debt of international multilateral development institutions in NAFMII), RMB 2.5 billion green corporate bonds of BAIC MOTOR (China's first green corporate bond) and RMB 2.8 billion non-financial green corporate debt financing instrument of BEWG (China) investment Co., Ltd. The Bank has build a comprehensive financial service system for direct green financing.

The green bond refers to bond instruments used to raise funds to support green projects or refinance green projects. Since the issuance of the world's first green bond in 2007 by European Investment Bank, the green bond market has gradually developed into an important part of the international bond market. Despite a short history, the green bond market has seen rapid growth in China. Reports of PWC show that by September 2016, China has issued green bonds worth nearly RMB 120 billion, accounting for 45% of global green bonds during the same period, and becoming the world's largest green bonds market.