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ICBC Provided One-stop Services to 2 Million SMEs Last Year

To meet the surging demand of small and micro-sized enterprises (SMEs) for “no-contact or less-contact” financial services during the epidemic period, ICBC, based on ICBC Small and Micro Finance Platform - a platform specially established for SMEs, actively provides around-the-clock comprehensive financial services that combine online and offline channels. In 2020, ICBC served nearly 2 million SMEs.

According to relevant official of ICBC, the ICBC Small and Micro Finance Platform has, based on the characteristics of SMEs’ financial demands, integrated internet technology and inclusive finance from multiple dimensions including product, scenario and channel, and combined the five major functions essential to SMEs’ production and operations, namely, convenient account opening, public-private coordination, financial management, wealth management & financing, and ICBC SME e-Management. Customers only need to log onto ICBC Enterprise Mobile Banking to use the services.

In making it convenient for SMEs to access financing, the platform, centering on the growth cycle of SMEs, launched a number of online financing products including the pure credit product “Quick Lending for Operation” and the collateral and pledge products “Online Revolving Loan” “Online Pledged Loan” and “Online Note Pool Pledged Financing”. In particular, “Quick Lending for Operation” is an exclusive “low-threshold, pure credit” financing product for SMEs, requiring no security guarantees. ICBC grants credit based on big data and provides the service online, helping enterprises obtain a loan in seconds.

In improving business environment, ICBC has upheld the idea of “making the best use of data to reduce enterprises’ burden”. ICBC, fully leveraging its strengths in technology and data and direct connection to the national industrial and commercial database, embedded its convenient account-opening service into local government service platforms to keep optimizing its account opening process. Through ICBC’s convenient account-opening model of “making appointment online and signing offline”, customers only need to go to an outlet once to complete account-opening and other basic business. Moreover, SME owners can conveniently print receipts, deposit and withdraw cash, etc., on ICBC’s self-service machines after scanning relevant QR code via their mobile phones.