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ICBC Released China’s First Quantitative Stock and Bond Rotation Strategy Index

On May 5, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (“ICBC” or the “Bank”) released “ICBC Quantitative Stock and Bond Rotation Strategy Index” in Beijing, which was China’s first quantitative stock and bond assets rotation strategy benchmark index, and reported as an investable index. Based on the concept of long-term investment, it helps investors understand the relative value of stocks and bonds, and carry out asset allocation by categories.

ICBC Vice President Tan Jiong said that ICBC, abiding by the requirements of the Guiding Opinions on Regulating the Asset Management Business of Financial Institutions (New Rules on Asset Management), was giving full play to the advantages of traditional businesses, and accelerating the transformation and development of asset management business, so as to create more values for investors and better serve the real economy. Besides, the Bank continuously enhanced the brand influence of ICBC in wealth management in the world by learning from the development experience of the world’s leading asset management companies, better understanding the needs of customers, improving the strategy and product system, giving play to the advantages in asset allocation by categories, and vigorously developing index products. It was an important step made by the Bank in the field of investment to release “ICBC Quantitative Stock and Bond Rotation Strategy Index”. In the future, ICBC will further optimize its wealth management index system featuring diversified assets and strategies, and better satisfy customers’ demands for diversified asset allocation and investment. Furthermore, the Bank was advancing the preparation of wealth management subsidiary in an orderly manner, which served as a significant part in business transformation of ICBC. It strove to establish ICBC Wealth Management into a leading asset management bank in the world by benchmarking it against the world’s leading asset management peers and enhancing its competitiveness in investment, research, risk control and innovation.

“The Quantitative Stock and Bond Rotation Strategy Index” is an investable index jointly developed by ICBC and CITIC Securities. Data shows that during the observation period from December 2006 to April 2019, the index saw cumulative rate of return stand at 730.58%, and the annualized rate of return 19.60%. Compared with the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index, the excess return was as high as 636.01%, and the annualized rate of excess return was 13.81%. Its release conference was attended by Mr. Zhang Youjun, Chairman of CITIC Securities.