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ICBC Smart Finance Shines at Smart China Expo

The 2019 Smart China Expo (the “Expo”) opened in Chongqing International Expo Center on August 26, 2019. With its diverse smart financial products and services, ICBC set up smart application scenarios at the Expo, offering visitors real experience on integrated online and offline smart financial life. Mr. Chen Siqing, Chairman of ICBC, attended the opening ceremony and Big Data and Smart Technology Summit.

The exhibition hall of ICBC, with the theme of “Smart Finance, Smart Future” and the design style of “Open, High-tech and Green”, is composed of four theme areas: smart finance, inclusive finance, international layout and smart life. Smart interactive activities such as smart guiding robot, virtual welcome wall, cyber celebrity registration wall, 5G mobile banking, smart coffee maker, smart eye detection, body sense game and sound library were staged, attracting a large number of visitors to have a try.

In the smart finance exhibition area, ICBC displayed the smart banking information system (ECOS) that highly integrates finance with technology, the MOVA system featuring smart and refined management system, the “professional, safe, smart and selected” financial service platform of the ICBC Mobile, and the special version of ICBC mobile banking dedicated to the middle-aged and senior customers.

In the inclusive finance exhibition area, ICBC’s three innovative programs of “e-Mortgage Quick Loan”, “Tax e-Loan” and “Quick Business Lending” were well received by visitors. Guided by the staff, a small/micro business owner logged into the ICBC Link to apply for “Tax e-Loan” and withdrew the granted loan on the site, experiencing the bank’s efficient, convenient and smart services.

In the international layout exhibition area, visitors can learn about ICBC’s trajectory on internationalization, electronic map of overseas institutional layout, and key cross-border products, among others. Bilingual services such as personal cross-border remittance, personal foreign exchange settlement and sale, credit certificate, and agency account opening witness are provided for overseas exhibitors.

In the smart life exhibition area, visitors who drive to the exhibition can experience ICBC’s one-stop ETC business, in which the whole process from card application & issuing to OBU collection can be completed within a short time. The area is also equipped with ICBC-AXA’s smart eye detector, with which visitors can finish an eye health test and obtain a test report in a few minutes.

In recent years, ICBC has accelerated in-depth integration of technology and business, and built enterprise-level FinTech platforms such as artificial intelligence, biometric identification, blockchain and Internet of Things. The bank also speeds up the transformation of science & technology into business value, as well as the promotion of mobile financial apps in enterprises and among the individuals with mobile banking as the core, so as to improve service and customer experience. In the first half of this year, ICBC obtained 21 patents, adding the total to 570, of which 290 are patents for invention, still leading its counterparts at home.