Liquidity Position Management

ICBC provides centralized management of customers liquidity position on the basis of high-quality payment and collection services. Customers is advised to keep the most optimum liquidity position through many services such as short-term investment, financing and internal capital flow. In this case, more funds are used in better investment opportunities, and more earnings can be obtained at lower fund costs.

I. Short-term Investment
1. RMB
(1) RMB Deposit Portfolio
RMB Deposit Portfolio refers to fixed deposit, agreed deposit and call deposit that ICBC offered. Customers can get higher interest from the portfolio than from the demand deposit.

(2) Bond Investment in Inter-Bank Market ¨C ICBC Bond Trading
ICBC helps or act on behalf of customers to enter inter-bank bond market through professional bond financing channel, and provides highly efficient and safe personal services such as bond investment, financing, settlement and information consultancy. ICBC helps customers to achieve robust and high investment earnings while securing the security and liquidity of the capital.

Professional service organization: "Bright Future Financing Working Room" of Fund Exchange Center.

(3) OTC Account Treasury Bonds
Investing in OTC Account Treasury Bonds enable customers to trade the account treasury bonds in any ICBC business office. Investors can open bond custody account and conduct the transaction by filling in buying or selling vouchers. Interests earned from investments are not taxable.

(4) Open-end Fund Investment
ICBC has successfully issued funds on behalf many open-end funds which includes Rongtong Tongli Series Fund, Desheng Stable Fund, South Steady Growth Fund , South Baoyuan Bond Fund, South Baoyuan Bond Fund, Huaan SSE 180 Index Fund, Penghua Industrial Growth Fund, and Huaan Creation Bond Investment Fund. Customers can start to subscribe after opening fund account at ICBC business offices that act as agent for the funds. ICBC Internet Banking System provides services in fund subscription and application, and basic information enquiry.

2. Foreign Currency
(1) Fixed Deposit in Foreign Currency
Term of customers fixed deposit in foreign currency (under USD 3 million or equivalent) can be classified into 5 categories: one month, three months, six months, one year and two years. Interests rates of the deposit are determined by People's Bank of China. Term and interest for large foreign currency deposits (above USD 3 million) are set by customers and ICBC.

(2) Structural Deposit
Structural Deposit is a combination of ordinary fixed deposit and varied financial derivatives offered by ICBC. It raises the yield rate of customer's foreign currency within the extent of risk that customers can bear. Structural Deposit mainly includes all types of deposits that linked with exchange rate, interest rate, commodity price and credit.

(3) Seven-day Call Deposit
Depositor does not appoint any term when deposing money, he instead notify the amount and date of withdrawal to the bank 7 days in advance. Minimum amount deposited for Seven-day Call Deposit is USD 5,000 for individuals and USD 500,000 forenterprises, which have to be deposited in one time.

(4) Bond Purchase on Behalf of Customers
Customers can directly invest in bond products under the approval of relevant government departments. ICBC can engage in buying, clearing and custody of bond for customers under customers's authorization.

II. Short-term Financing
1. Company Account Overdraft
When capital in customer's account falls short temporarily, ICBC can provide Company Account Overdraft service. When there is insufficient amount in customer's settlement account, according to customer's application, he is allowed to directly overdraw within the verified overdraft line after ICBC verification. Overdraft line is the upper limit that customers can overdraw and is determined by credit line of short-term liquidity loan under overall maximum credit line.

2. Account Receivables Factoring
ICBC can provide account receivables factoring during collection., and combined collection services with trade financing. Customers can enjoy professional management for his account receivables and cash flow services from the bank to evade risk and make use of the fund in a better way.

3. Working Capital Revolving Loan
By signing a one time loan agreement with ICBC, customers can withdraw loans for many times, repay loans separately and run the loan in circulation within the validity of the agreement. The procedure is simple, and with this product, customer's capital needs can be met timely.

III. Commission Loan
According to the entrustment from customers (Trustor), ICBC use funds provided to release loans on behalf of trustor. The loans released are based upon the target, usage, amount, term and interest rate specified by Trustor. This service also monitorthe usage and recovery of loans.

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