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CSI 300 Index-pegged RMB Wealth Management Products

☆ Description
The CSI 300 index-pegged RMB wealth management product is associated with the open and transparent Shanghai Shenzhen CSI 300 index, which is well known to customers. Based on the comparative advantage of CSI peg, additional benefits can be gained from the capital market on the basis of steady interests to satisfy customers' diversified needs for investment.

☆ Features
1. Open on a weekly-basis and online all-year round
The product is open every Wednesday (if it is a business day) and is online at all time. It also supports around-the-clock appointment, eliminating the need of waiting for specific term for fund-raising, and further increasing the investment efficiency.
2. Seizing market opportunities with flexible strategies
Inheriting the professional and accommodative investment style of ICBC, the product secures investment opportunities with higher yields through the pegged structure. With dynamic yields, the product is well accommodated to market trends to gain potential contingent value.
3. Fund available on T+1 day and higher liquidity
The fund can be credited into customers' account on the (business) day following the end of each investment cycle. It is convenient and provides high liquidity.
4. One-off investment, multiple terms of benefits
The product provides customers with the option of automatic re-investment. The customer can freely choose the number of terms of automatic re-investment from 1 to 10, or unlimited term. Customers with automatic re-investment enabled can enjoy the "seamless connection" of funds investment, where the fund automatically enters the next investment cycle and enjoys the interests, after one investment cycle ends, which not only greatly increases the investment efficiency, but also eliminates the concerns on whether to select a new product after one period expires.
5.The product is of floating interests with no guarantee on the principal. The information above is for reference only. Please refer to the product introduction for details that is shown in disclosure at the official website. Terms and conditions are subject to regulations issued by local ICBC branch.

☆ Service Channels and Transaction Time
Services regarding the product are available at all outlets, internet banking, mobile banking, and self-service terminals.
After the term for fund raising, if both the Tuesday and Wednesday of the very week are business days, the open day for subscription is on Tuesday, and the transaction is confirmed and payment is collected on Wednesday; if either Wednesday or Tuesday is non-business day, the product is not open for subscription in the week. On days when it is not open for subscription, the customer can make appointment for the product.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.

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