As a customer of Internet Banking, you should be the only one who knows the password of the Internet Banking. Once the card number and password are got by others, your account may be used by others through Internet to cause unnecessary loss. Therefore, please strengthen safeguard consciousness and bring up good Internet transaction habit to leave no opportunity for illegal persons.

* Do not tell your account number and password to others in any case. Do not respond to any request for card number or password through emails, short messages or telephones. If having any doubt or questions, please timely contact us by calling 95588. Please immediately change the password if you have already disclosed it to an unknown person or website, or to reset the password overt the counter of ICBC.

* Choose password that can't be easily guessed (such as your birthday, telephone number, the same digits, continuous numbers and the first digits or the last digits of your ID number) to avoid being guessed by others.

* Set special password for your Internet Banking to distinguish from other user name and password used at other places (such as other Internet service, ATM, deposit book and bank card, etc) to avoid disclosure of other passwords when a certain password is stolen.

* Set different password for the Internet Banking logon password from payment password from account transfer to ensure safety of funds with multiple verification.

* Do not keep your password on a computer. Do not write the password on a piece of paper or a card. Regularly change your password.

* Check "the last login time" on the welcome page against the actual login time so that you can find abnormal situations if there is any.

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