You should clearly know every person that shares a computer with you, and strictly prohibit any unauthorized person from using your computer. Use of Internet Banking on a shared computer may cause your account number and Internet Banking password got by others that leads fund loss. Please mind the following points:

# Do not use Internet Banking in public places (such as Internet bar and public library, etc) since you don't know whether the computers are installed with monitoring program balefully.

# Set password for your computer to prevent others from accessing to your materials.

# Do not just close browser to quit Internet Banking, Please click "Exit" on the right top corner to end the use of Internet Banking.

# Do not disclose your user name, password and any personal identity materials to others.

# Properly keep your bank materials and carefully check them. If you have any doubt, please contect us immediately.

# Please tell us any change of your personal information as soon as possible (such as change of contact information and address).

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