2-16 November 2008

Caritas Fund Raising Bazaar

ICBC (Asia)'s staff members are devoted to charity activities and hosted a sales booth in three Caritas Fund Raising Bazaars to sell the goods donated by the customers and staff members, in order to raise fund for Caritas-Hong Kong.

21-24 October 2008

Sponsored the Reconstruction of a Primary School in Mountainous Area of Yunnan Province

ICBC (Asia), through "Sowers Action", sponsored the reconstruction of a dilapidated primary school !V "Shuitun Village Primary School, Tianba Area, Zhaoyang Section, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province". It enabled the children to get education in a safe environment and at a permanent site. In late October, ICBC (Asia) staff and the volunteers of "Sowers Action" visited the school and also the students' home to understand more about their learning and living conditions.

25 June 2008

Sponsorship to "Koi Ming-fai & HKCO III" Concert of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

ICBC (Asia) sponsored the "Koi Ming-fai & HKCO III" Concert of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. Through the "Music for Love" scheme of HKCO, a number of underprivileged persons from several charity organizations were invited to hear the concert.

27 May 2008

Relief to Sichuan Earthquake Victims

In order to aid the Sichuan earthquake victims and the reconstruction of the affected area, ICBC (Asia) appealed to the staff for donation and collected donation from its customers and the general public. It raised over HK$610,000 and nearly HK$1.5 million respectively as at 26 May. On 27 May, ICBC (Asia) delivered the first batch of donation HK$2.1 million to Hong Kong Red Cross.

8 March 2008

Inter-school Quiz Competition on "The Development of Banks in Shanghai and Hong Kong" Exhibition

To promote the "The Development of Banks in Shanghai and Hong Kong" exhibition, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department jointly organized an inter-school quiz competition, which encourages the students to study the history of Shanghai and Hong Kong banking industries. The competition is open to the secondary schools and divided into junior and senior divisions, with a total of 55 participating teams finally.