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ICBC Essence Card

Introducing ICBC Essence Card presented by ICBC (Asia) Private Bank, the Visa Infinite Card provides you with prestigious wealth management services, and opens a door to a world of extraordinary experiences from deluxe journeys, worldwide delicacies to a full discovery of treasured artifacts across the globe. Experience opulence and grandeur to its best – exclusive only to our privileged clients.

To share the offers and joy with the loved ones, Principal Cardholder of ICBC Essence Card is entitled to 3 Supplementary Cards under the same credit limit.1

1.Application only available to the spouse or children of the ICBC Essence Card - Principal Cardholder. In case of the Principal Cardholder holds no longer a valid ICBC Essence Card, his/her corresponding Supplementary Cards will also be terminated.

Superior financial rewards

Spend to your heart's content with our exceptional financial benefits.

2% cash rebate upon spending without upper limit2


Every dollar (HKD & RMB) spends with the card will entitle 2% cash rebate. HKD & RMB spending will be combined for accumulated transactions amount calculation; RMB1 spending will be calculated as HKD1. Rebate amount will be calculated on monthly basis, it will be credited to the HKD account and shown on the statement.

2.Cash rebate is not applicable to cash advances, balance transfer, cash installment loan amount/ tax loan and personal loan amount/ merchant installment loan amount and the repayment amount, reload/ transfer of e-wallet (including but not limited to Alipay, PayMe, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay), donations, purchase of casino chips, gambling transactions, unauthorized transactions, all payment type (including but not limited to credit card charges, cash installment, any financial charges, overdue charges, all account service charges, settlement through online personal banking service or ATM for insurance payment or utilities bills, tax payment, payment for MPF contribution etc. or other categories as ICBC (Asia) may at our sole discretion determine from time to time). Also, the cash rebate is not applicable to the transactions of supermarkets, fuel, transportation fees, property, motor vehicle, wholesale, hospital and tuition in China etc. (transaction types are determined according to the merchant categories as defined time to time by Visa, and reserves the right to change the merchant categories from time to time, or at ICBC (Asia)’s sole discretion). Transactions which have not been posted, cancelled, refunded or not authorized are not eligible to the privileges. Terms and conditions apply, please visit www.icbcasia.com for detail.

Annual fee waiver

The annual fee chargeable for each ICBC Essence Card - Principal Card issued is HK$ 6,800 and for each Supplementary Card issued is HK$ 3,000. Selected customer who holds the valid ICBC Essence Card - Principal Card, his/her Principal Card and Supplementary Card(s) will enjoy the annual fee waiver. ICBC (Asia) Private Bank reserves the right to suspend or cancel the annual fee waiver privilege from the cardholders of the ICBC Essence Card without further notice.

Credit Card Spending Installment Plan

Every spending with choice of installment plan for you to enjoy fabulous shopping delights!

  • Super-Low Monthly Flat Rate at 0.235% (APR is 5.29%)3
  • 12, 24 and 36 month installment plan of your choice
  • No documents are required
  • Application Hotline 4: 2533 8686

3.Monthly flat rate 0.235% ,Annualised Percentage Rate (APR) 5.29% are calculated based on Spending Installment amount HK$10,000, Monthly flat rate 0.235% and 12-month repayment tenor. For 24-month and 36-month tenor, APR are 5.46% and 5.48% respectively. The APR is calculated based on the guidelines as set out in the Code of Banking Practice. The Bank shall have the right at its discretion to apportion any Installment payment between interest and principal in such manner as it shall desire. The annualised percentage rate is a reference rate which includes the basic interest rate and other fees and charges of a product expressed as an annualised rate. Terms and conditions apply, for more details on terms and conditions and relevant fee and charges,please visit www.icbcasia.com or call the Customer Service Hotline 2533 8686.

4.Office hour of the Customer Service Hotline: Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm, except Public Holidays. After language option is selected, please press ‘9’ to talk to a Customer Service representative.

Personal concierge

Visa Concierge provides you with 24/7 supports, services and exclusive privileges.5

  • Express reservation at local restaurants and getaways
  • Recommendations of local happenings and sightseeing hotspots
  • Virtual activities and outdoor experiences
  • Emergency support, travel and medical services , business and leisure related assistance

Bespoke travel delights

With a variety of global partners, Visa brings you pleasant travel experiences.5

  • Discounts and VIP privileges at over 900 global luxury hotels and resorts, with best rate guarantee
  • Up to 48% off on limousine services
  • Hertz car rental offers including one-day complimentary rental
  • VIP lounge services at airports and high-speed railway stations worldwide

Download the Visa Concierge App to enjoy round-the-clock services, or you can call the Visa Concierge hotline.
Hong Kong: (852) 300 285 89
Mainland China: (86) 400 8811 247
Please browse www.concierge-asia.visa.com/contact-concierge

5.The privileges and offers are provided by Merchant partners, and subject to the terms and conditions from Visa and Merchants. For promotion detail and promotion period, please visit Visa Concierge website www.concierge-asia.visa.com or visa website https://www.visa.com.hk/en_hk/pay-with-visa/find-a-card/visa-infinite.html .

Designated Airport / High Speed Rail Lounge Services around the world provided by DragonPass6

From 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024 (both dates inclusive), ICBC Essence Card customers can enjoy the unlimited designated airport / high speed rail lounge services provided by DargonPass. Companion of the cardholder can use the lounge at the designated airport up to 10 times or use the high speed rail lounge 20 times for free throughout the year. The service scope covers over 140 countries and regions, including the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and western countries.

The cardholder can access the relevant information for airport or high speed rail lounge service via wesbite of Dragon Pass or APP, including service network for the lounge, location direction etc.

6The privileges and offers are provided by Dragon Pass, and are subject to its relevant terms and conditions. For the promotion details, please visit the website of Dragon Pass (link to registration page: https://institution.dragonpass.com.cn/icbc-intl/index) or APP. ICBC (Asia) is not the provider of this service and will not be responsible for any related liabilities and obligations.

Travel Personal Accident and Medical Protection Insurance

The coverage is summarized as below:

  • (i) Travel accidental medical insurance (up to US$ 25,000)
  • (ii) Travel personal accident insurance (up to US$ 1,000,000)
  • (iii) Emergency assistance services (costs fully covered)

For policy detail, please contact Customer Service Hotline of Aon Hong Kong Limited* : 2861 6666 (Monday-Friday 9am to 5:30pm, expect public holidays)

* Aon Hong Kong Ltd (“AON”) is insurance broker for the above group insurance plan and will support customers in inquiries about insurance plans and assist in claim applications.

This travel personal accident and medical protection insurance is applicable to eligible cardholders holding ICBC Essence Card. The above is intended only as a general summary for reference. The above travel personal accident and medical protection is a group insurance contract underwritten by AXA Insurance Company Limited ("AXA") and issued to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited as the policyholder. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited is not an insurance agent of AXA, and the relevant insurance plan is the product of AXA and not Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited. Customers are bound by the service terms and policy terms as amended from time to time for this travel personal accident and medical insurance. All claims, disputes and complaints should be referred directly to AXA. Customers may need to provide personal data or information to AXA or its service provider (whether within or outside HKSAR) for the purpose of provision of the relevant services to the customers. The scope of coverage, exclusions, indemnity limits and compensation are subject to the detailed terms and conditions of the relevant group insurance policy. ICBC (Asia) is the policy holder and not the provider of this service and will not be responsible for any related liabilities and obligations. For details, please refer to Travel Insurance Benefit and the Policy.Travel Insurance Benefit and the Policy.

Finest and exquisite luxury 7

  • Premium shopping and dining privileges
  • Special discounts on online shopping, at local and international department stores, jewelers, cosmetics and apparel stores
  • Online shopping insurance
  • Dining privileges at the global top restaurants and hotel chains

7.Dining privileges at the global top restaurants and hotel chains

Curated indulgences8

    • SUPREME membership – Chinese Arts & Crafts
    • Shopping privileges and 1-on-1 personal service with brand representatives at Memorigin, the Tourbillon watchmaker
    • Prestigious offers in sartorial suits tailoring at Tai Pan Row

8.ICBC (Asia) is not responsible for any obligations and liabilities related to the products and services provided by the suppliers. Please contact the suppliers for the content and terms and conditions of the corresponding products and services.

Personalized value-added services

From health and wellness to legacy planning, ICBC (Asia) Private Bank has your best interests at heart, bringing you diversified value-added services.9

  • Welcome kit for new ICBC (Asia) Private Bank clients
  • Bespoke private events to complement your interests
  • Access to VIP facilities such as the wine room, tea room and VIP lounge at ICBC (Asia) Private Bank Centres
  • Next-generation development programmes for young adults with certificate of completion
  • 6-in-1 comprehensive health privileges to safeguard your wealth and well-being
  • Festive treats surprises and blessings
  • 1-on-1 service by a dedicated relationship manager and the professional teams
  • Optimal credit limit to provide easy ways to borrow and repay

9.The privileges and offers are only applicable to customers who hold ICBC (Asia) Private Banking Account and subject to the terms and conditions of ICBC (Asia) Private Banking Account.

By invitation only, please contact your designated Relationship manager for details.

ICBC (Asia) Private Bank
Address: 29/F, ICBC Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
Shop A, 1/F, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 218 95588

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“ICBC (Asia)” is the abbreviation of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited.