7-21 November 2010

Caritas Fund Raising Bazaar

ICBC (Asia)'s staff members are devoted to charity activities and hosted a sales booth in three Caritas Fund Raising Bazaars to sell various new and second-hand goods donated by the customers and staff members. The raised funds were donated to Caritas-Hong Kong.

Walkathon 2010 of Caritas-Hong Kong

The staff members of ICBC (Asia) together with their family and friends joined the "Walkathon 2010 of Caritas-Hong Kong". The participants took a walk leisurely in the natural environment. It was good for their health and also beneficial to the people in need in the society by raising fund for Caritas-Hong Kong.

22 January 2010

2010 ICBC (Asia) Charity Golf Day

ICBC (Asia) organized the charity golf day for the second time to invite its customers and partners to make donation. Its staff members also played golf with the representatives of joining organizations, which realized charity through sport. All proceeds of the fund raised will be donated to Caritas-Hong Kong, in order to support its various voluntary services.