27 June 2019

Platinum Award of "Charter on External Lighting" 2019

Platinum Award of "Charter on External Lighting" 2019 ICBC (Asia) received the Platinum Award of "Charter on External Lighting" (the “Charter”) 2019 issued by The Environment Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government, recognising ICBC (Asia)'s commitment to practising the Charter continuously, and fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities through making contributions to mitigating the problems of light nuisance and energy wastage caused by external lighting.

18 May 2019

ICBC (Asia) “Plantation Enrichment Project”

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) and The Green Earth, a local green group, ICBC (Asia) officially launched its "Plantation Enrichment Programme". In order to make contribution to increasing the ecological value and biodiversity of exotic plantations in Hong Kong, the five-year programme in which native tree species will be planted in the Clear Water Bay Country Park with a plantation area of approximate 1 hectare. Hundreds of volunteers from the Bank will participate in a series of tree maintenance activities such as tree planting, fertilizing and growth monitoring to promote the sustainable development of the green life in Hong Kong.

23 March 2019

ICBC (Asia) Sponsored the Finale Performance of the 47th Hong Kong Arts Festival

With a commitment to giving back to the community, ICBC (Asia) renders steadfast support for the development of arts and culture in Hong Kong. This year, it sponsored the Finale of the Hong Kong Arts Festival for the seventh consecutive year. The Festival Finale The World of John Neumeier by the Hamburg Ballet – John Neumeier concluded the 47th Hong Kong Arts Festival on a perfect note.

6 January 2019

The Community Chest 50th Anniversary Walk for Millions (Central – Wan Chai Bypass)

ICBC (Asia) joined the large-scaled charitable activity – “The Community Chest Walk for Millions” for the eighth consecutive year. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Community Chest, the activity was held at the new infrastructure “Central – Wan Chai Bypass” this year. Once again, being the “VIP team”, the Bank supported the charity drive and finished the 5.3 km walk journey. The funds raised will be fully used to assist the family and child welfare services by The Community Chest.