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Account Information Management

According to your financial management needs, ICBC (Asia)’s advanced technology and extensive network assist you to manage inward, outward and residual funds with comprehensive account information services and also to achieve the cash flow and information flow to be delivered simultaneously.

Cross-Border Account Information Enquiry

Enabling real time access of the account information with our commercial internet banking and Host-to-Host Service, you can inquire the account balance, transaction details of current day and previous account activities of the global accounts, which are being maintained in any local branch , overseas branch or subsidiary of ICBC Group and other banks.


  • One-point access – Through the ICBC (Asia) commercial internet banking to achieve the unified management of group company’s member accounts, especially suitable for customers with their management or financial personnel concentrated in a certain location.
  • Global vision – Global account details and fund movements are presented in a unified interface which enhances the financial management efficiency

SWIFT Information Report

ICBC (Asia) provides multiple forms of SWIFT Information Report according to company’s requirement such as FIN format (MT940、941、942). Corporate customers can inquire balance information of accounts opened in our cooperative banks. Various types of reports are provided including bill details, end-of-day balance reports, interim business reports, etc. Furthermore, customers may send the details and balance information of account opened in the ICBC Group to designated SWIFT CODE.


  • Wide coverage – We support FIN format (MT940, 941, 942), FileAct format (MX053) and other types of SWIFT messages.
  • Comprehensive information – Not only supports receiving messages, but also supports sending our account reports to your usual bank. We provide various types of reports, which will definitely meet your needs.

Transcation Notification Service

To assist the merchants with huge amount of income and expenditure to monitor real-time account changes, our Bank provides a service with multi-channel, customized and instant notification of receipt and payment. Merchants can choose to receive email or SMS for each transaction. Real-time company financial information is at your fingertips.

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If you have any questions, please contact us via email at apaccm@icbcasia.com
*ICBC (Asia) is the abbreviation of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited.,
*Subject to terms and regulations
*Risks related to RMB exchange rate - RMB is currently a restricted currency. The exchange and transaction of RMB is restricted by the government of PRC. It is not guaranteed of any possible situation to restrict the exchange and transaction. Therefore, you may not be able to convert RMB into other freely convertible currencies.