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Deposit Management

You can enjoy high interest return with a diversification financial solution of your selection through Deposit Management services.

Green Deposit

Green Deposit shares the general characteristics with ordinary time deposit while its deposited funds will be exclusively allocated to eligible green projects.

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Time Deposit

The time deposit tenors range from overnight to 12 months. You may select up to 12 different currencies including HKD, USD, RMB, JPY, SGD, EURO, GBP, CAD, CHF, DKK, AUD and NZD.

Account/Group Interest Optimization Plan

It is a deposit product to optimize the deposit interests for corporation or corporate group. When the total balance available at the end of each day in the account exceeds or equals to the preset daily current account balance, the high interest rate will be enjoyed. With the launch of online channel for product application, customers can apply for the services through Commercial Internet Banking. This product focuses on the diverse needs of customers, assists customers to fully utilize the capital to increase the income.

Flexi Time Deposit

Flexi Time Deposit is a time deposit product where customers can enjoy a higher interest rate with a flexible time deposit period and the choice of deposit currencies. Customers who have fulfilled the requirement of the minimum deposit period will be given interest according to the accumulative interest rate, and they can terminate deposit and withdraw the principal of the deposit and accrued interest at once anytime within the term of deposit.

Corporate Call Deposit

Corporate Call Deposit is a special type of time deposit. Deposit without any term on the deposit period when customer deposited funds to our bank. Customer can withdraw the deposit by notifying our Bank 24 hours or 7 days in advance of the withdrawal date and amount.

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*ICBC (Asia) is the abbreviation of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited.,
*Subject to terms and regulations
*Risks related to RMB exchange rate - RMB is currently a restricted currency. The exchange and transaction of RMB is restricted by the government of PRC. It is not guaranteed of any possible situation to restrict the exchange and transaction. Therefore, you may not be able to convert RMB into other freely convertible currencies.