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Receivable and Payment Management

ICBC (Asia)’s Receivable Solutions are comprised of full range services which can improve your cash flow, operating efficiencies and profitability.

IPO Receiving Bank Service

With the fundamental market share and enriched experience in providing IPO Receiving Bank service in Hong Kong, ICBC (Asia) makes use of extensive branch network and advanced IPO subscription network to offer comprehensive one-stop service. ICBC (Asia), as the receiving bank, will work closely with the client's listing intermediary teams (such as sponsors, share registration companies, etc.) and provide one-stop services including the collection and processing of applications and payments for new shares, assisting companies or institutions to complete the initial public offering successfully in Hong Kong.

If you have any questions, please contact the IPO Working Group of Asia-Pacific Cash Management Centre via email at ipo@icbcasia.com.

Dividend Payment Service

ICBC (Asia) provides dividend service for listed companies in Hong Kong, simplifying the complicated post-listing work processes and enhancing the efficiency of corporate management.


  • Companies can choose to pay dividends in the form of automatic transfers or cheques.
  • Dividends can be paid in HKD, USD or RMB based on shareholders’ selections (if listed companies provide currency options).
  • Dividends can be paid via autopay to the account of our Bank or other banks. Dividends can be credited by designated effective date.
  • Providing comprehensive dividend data, reports, and monthly statements of dividend accounts, which enables customers to grasp the dividend payment status.

If you have any questions, please contact the IPO Working Group of Asia-Pacific Cash Management Centre via email at ipo@icbcasia.com.

Rights Issue Settlement Service

ICBC (Asia) provides rights issue settlement services for listed companies issuing new shares, including rights issue collection and refund procedures, with commitment to offer all-round and one-stop financial services for listed companies in Hong Kong.

Service Advantages

  • Efficient and high-quality account opening service, including opening designated accounts for Provisional Allotment Letter (“PAL”) and Excess Rights Shares (“EAF”) .
  • Robust settlement system of ICBC (Asia),which ensures safe and timely arrangement of rights issue funds and timely delivery of rights issue funds from existing shareholders to listed companies.
  • An experienced and professional service team in "1+1+1" structure, comprised of customer manager, business experts and operators, work in close collaboration to actively and quickly respond to customer needs.

Privatization Settlement Service

ICBC (Asia) provides privatization settlement service, assisting listed companies in distributing privatization funds to stock holders, repurchasing issued stocks and delisting from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Service Advantages

  • Established a good reputation as the IPO receiving bank, dividend agent and privatization service settlement agent appointed by numerous companies.
  • Experienced and professional in handling the privatization settlement operations, to ensure the acquisition funds can be delivered to shareholders reliably and securely.
  • Extensive local and crossborder settlement network, which provides listed companies with capital settlement services before and after privatization.

Smart Account Service

Corporate customers can open a certain number of sub-accounts through the Smart Account Service based on business needs and collect funds in different currencies such as HKD, USD or RMB etc. through multiple collection channels from local or overseas sub-accounts. All fund are collected in the main account and at the same time support differentiated display which simplifies corporate account management.


  • Flexible Management - Unique sub-accounts can be opened for each of payers. Payer can deposit fund to sub-account through multiple channels such as Internet Banking, ATM, CHATS, telegraphic transfer, autopay and our branches.
  • Powerful function - With the unique sub-account number to identify the payers’ identities, data reconciliation has never been that easy and prompt.

Auto Fund Collection Service

Companies can collect payments in a single transaction or in batches by means of automatic transfers. After obtaining authorization from customers, companies can issue payment instructions through our bank and collect HKD or RMB proactively from account holders of our bank or other local banks.


  • Upon getting the direct debit authorization from your clients, you can instruct the bank to collect bulk payment, which can greatly enhance efficiency.
  • Report with instruction results and details will be provided, facilitating data reconciliation.

Cash & Cheque Collection Services

Using the Cash & Cheque Collection Services, you can avoid keeping the bulk cash and cheque overnight in offices or shops.


  • You can appoint a security company to collect cash and cheque from your company and deliver to nearby ICBC (Asia) branches. We are responsible for deposit to your operating account. The services are convenient and secure.

Two-way Transfer Service

For customers who require securities service, we provide two-way fund transfer between customer's personal settlement account with ICBC (Asia) and their investment/ funds account with other financial institution(s). After applying this service, customers can operate real-time fund transfer in both ways during trading hours. This transfer can be conducted via Personal Internet Banking of ICBC (Asia) or the platforms provided by other financial institution(s).

If you have any questions, please contact the IPO Working Group of Asia-Pacific Cash Management Centre via email at ipo@icbcasia.com.

Centralised Payment

You can conduct the payment instruction for the ICBC/ICBC (Asia) accounts of each member company of your group through SWIFT, commercial internet banking, branches, Host-to-Host and other channels.


  • Centralised financial management–Through the unified and convenient cross-border account management and fund scheduling platform to achieve integrated management of the cross-border accounts, especially for those managers or financial personnel concentrated in a certain location.
  • Convenient operation–Completing the payment instruction through “one-point access” with ICBC (Asia) only without the need to connect to each bank.

Bulk Transfer and Remittance Service Via commercial internet banking

You can simply submit multiple ICBC Express or Fund Transfer instructions in one time by using bulk transfer and remittance service via ICBC (Asia)'s commercial internet banking.


  • Using one-time verification by USB-Sheild or Soft Token for bulk transfer and remittance which can simplify the operation procedures.


Through our payroll services, companies can manage local employees’ salary payments, MPF contributions and tax declarations, as well as batch submission of overseas employees’ salary reimbursement information, etc., to achieve global fund distribution and support separate permission authorities between finance department and human resources department. The account consolidation with quick payment improves the management efficiency while providing privacy protection.


  • High efficiency - Support HKD or RMB bulk payment instructions to employees’ accounts of our bank or other local banks, the payroll reports are provided to facilitate the transaction reconciliation.
  • Separate Authorization - Realized the separation of information and permission authorities between finance department and human resources department to minimize internal operational risks.
  • Using the Flexi2 system*, customers can enjoy comprehensive services including employees’ salary payment, MPF contributions and tax declarations matters.

    *Note: This service is only applicable to customers who use both payroll service and BCT MPF service via our Bank.

    Auto Credit

    We can help you transfer HKD or RMB funds to our bank or other local banks' accounts through autopay, by single instruction (by standing instruction or electronic transfer) or bulk payment instruction).


    • Time Saving - You no longer have to submit payment instructions via our branches
    • Efficiency Improving - Bulk transfer is available to increase the efficiency.


    Through our remittance service, funds in different currencies can be transferred to Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas countries.


    • You can submit remittance applications through our branches or make use of our commercial internet banking service which will save your time and transaction costs.

    ICBC Express

    Supported by the extensive global network of ICBC, ICBC (Asia) provides instant and reliable cross border remittance service to you. We provide ICBC Express service with following benefits:


    • Faster service- Funds will reach the receiving point of ICBC Group within 10 minutes.
    • More receiving Points - Applicable to all ICBC receiving points in the Mainland China and designated branches/subsidiaries in multiple overseas regions, with more than 15,000 receiving points in total.
    • Lower charges - We charge lower remittance service fees and offer free Chinese characters input in telegraphic transfer, which is cost saving.

    ICBC Cross-border Bill Payment Service

    ICBC (Asia)’s cross-border payment platform realized cross-border two-way payment between Hong Kong and the Mainland. Individual customers can use cross-border payment through Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. At the same time, foreign exchange settlement, international payment declaration, blacklist screening and accounting information verification can be completed at once. Cross-border bill payment service solves the pain points of complicated charging procedure and time-consuming reconciliation.

    Applicable scenarios

    • Hong Kong or Mainland students pay cross-border tuition fees online
    • Hong Kong or Mainland residents pay cross-border rent, utilities and communication fees regularly
    • Hong Kong or Mainland residents pay cross-border deposit, down payment, tax and property management fees regularly
    • Hong Kong or Mainland residents pay flight tickets,hotel and attractions tickets

    Applicable institution

    • The Education University of Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Metropolitan University
    • Jinan University

    ICBC Local Bill Payment Service

    Based on the local payment platform developed by ICBC (Asia), individual customers can conveniently make payments to local merchants through Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Funds are received real-time with low service charge.

    Applicable scenarios

    • Hong Kong local students pay tuition fees online
    • Hong Kong residents pay local rent, utilities and communication fees regularly
    • Hong Kong residents pay property management fees regularly

    Contact us

    If you have any questions, please contact us via email at apaccm@icbcasia.com
    *ICBC (Asia) is the abbreviation of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited.,
    *Subject to terms and regulations
    *Risks related to RMB exchange rate - RMB is currently a restricted currency. The exchange and transaction of RMB is restricted by the government of PRC. It is not guaranteed of any possible situation to restrict the exchange and transaction. Therefore, you may not be able to convert RMB into other freely convertible currencies.