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Universal Life Insurance Financing

ICBC (Asia)’s Universal Life Insurance Financing services can provide greater flexibility to your wealth management.


ICBC (Asia) provides “Premium Financing” and “Policy Financing” for Universal Life Insurance.
Premium Financing: The customer can be granted a facility for paying the premium of his/her insurance policy, which shall be pledged to ICBC (Asia) as a collateral.
Policy Financing: Policy holder can pledge his/her fully-paid policy to ICBC (Asia) as a collateral for financing.


Acheive financial enhancement, while benefits and protection by the Universal Life Insurance Policy is maintained.

Remarks: Loan application is subject to ICBC (Asia)’s (the “Bank”) general credit assessment approval procedure. The Bank reserves its right to amend the interest rate, fees and charges, benefits, terms and conditions without prior notice. For details, please contact relationship manager of the Bank.

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