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ICBC Corporate Mastercard

The Business Companion Eases Your Business Journey

ICBC (Asia) is devoted to providing customers with product innovations and better customer services to grow with the business activities among Hong Kong, mainland China and Macau. With extensive experience in cross-border financial service, we offer you a series of comprehensive service and privileges to bring more comforts to your business trips.

Smart Management on Corporate Expenses with one card

ICBC Corporate Mastercard is a smart way to facilitate the management of your business spending, from entertainment and travel expenses to all other business expenses. ICBC Corporate Mastercard offers a comprehensive range of services and privileges that add convenience, money-saving and smart management on the expense to your company.

Improve Efficiency and Control

Each customer will receive their individual monthly statements and the company will receive consolidated report on monthly basis. With the consolidated report, your company can understand the various spending nature and manage its cost in a better way.

Smart Data, a one-stop transaction data management system

The traditional manual processing of expense reimbursement operations is time-consuming, inefficient, and lack of accurate and comprehensive analysis of expense data. It is very difficult for the company to monitor and control expenses. ICBC Corporate Mastercard customers can use Mastercard Smart Data's one-stop transaction data management system to monitor, manage and control company expenses and customize analysis reports to help customers process the company's reimbursement process faster.

Additionally, it is difficult to consolidate reliable and independent transaction data for negotiation with your suppliers. With ICBC Corporate Mastercard, customer can generate spending reports of specific merchants at fingertips which makes negotiation with supplier easier than ever.

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"ICBC (Asia)" or "The Bank" is the abbreviation of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited.