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We offer a broad range of quality bond selections for those investors who seek stable income. You can pick your preference by simply telling us the features of bonds best fit your investment profile.


Bond issuers may vary from government, quasi government, supranational, financial institution and corporation.


Based on your liquidity requirement, you can choose the tenor from short term (1 - 3-year) to as long as 30-year.


There are different types of bonds available in the market.

  • Fixed Rate Bond
  • Floating Rate Bond
  • Zero Coupon Bond
  • Callable Bond
  • Puttable Bond
  • Convertible Bond
  • Certificate of Deposit


Currency denominations include USD, HKD, RMB, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD and CAD etc.

Our Services

You can enjoy our full range nominee services of coupon collection, rights execution and redemption upon maturity. Moreover, depending on the market situation, you may sell your holding through our secondary market trading services and regain your cash flow at any time.

Risk Disclosure Statement

Bonds: Bonds are mainly for medium to long term investment, you should be prepared to invest your funds in bonds for the full investment tenor; you could lose part or all of your investment if you choose to sell bonds prior to maturity. You should bear the credit risk of the issuer. The price of bonds may fluctuate and the factors affecting market price of bonds include, but not limited to, fluctuations in interest rates, credit spreads, and liquidity premiums. There is an inherent risk that losses may be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling bonds. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited does not guarantee the existence of secondary market.

Important Notice

The above risk disclosure statements cannot disclose all the risks involved. Before making investment decision, you should thoroughly study the offering documents, financial reports and relevant risk disclosure statements issued by the issuer of the investment product(s). Further you should consider your own circumstances including financial position, investment experience and objective to ensure the investment is suitable for your particular investment needs and risk tolerance capacity. You should seek independent financial and professional advice before trading or investment. This promotional material does not constitute an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sales of any investment products. This promotional material is issued by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited (the “Bank”) and the contents have not been reviewed by Securities and Futures Commission.