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General Service

Autopay is ideal for payroll, collection of management fees, insurance premium, or other periodic payments. You can also save time by using our autopay service to settle your utility bills.

AutoPay for PRC Mortgage Instalment payment

ICBC (Asia) has partnered with ICBC Shenzhen Branch to provide the autopay service to Hong Kong customers for the mortgage repayment of Shenzhen Branch. It can help the Hong Kong customers to reduce the traveling cost/ time between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

  • Conveninent Repayment Method
  • Customer can transfer the loan repayment amount regularly from his ICBC (Asia) account to ICBC Shenzhen Branch via this AutoPay service.

  • Simple Application
  • Customer only needs to fill out Standing Instruction Form and Authorization Form and submit them to any of the ICBC Shenzhen or ICBC (Asia) Branch.

  • Privileged Service Fee
  • There is no service fee for setup, amendment and cancellation of AutoPay service. Only HK$50 of service fee is charged for each transaction of Autopay to ICBC Shenzhen for the repayment. This service fee is competitive with normal remittance service fee.