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ICBC Express

Through a global remittance and clearing system, ICBC Express provides customers a fast and convenient remittance service around the world. It helps you remit money between branches of ICBC group with higher speed but lower charges.


Beneficiaries can receive the money within only 10 minutes.
*The remittance time depends on relevant policies and remittance procedures of receiving bank.


Remitting money via Internet Banking charges only HKD80 per item and no additional fees is needed.


Using ICBC Express, beneficiaries can receive their money through the extensive branch network (involving more than 15,000 braches) not only in Mainland China but also overseas areas.

*Countries/Areas eligible for ICBC Express are listed as below:

Countries/Areas eligible for ICBC Express
Country/Area Area Code ICBC Branch USD HKD
Mainland China 0 ICBC*
Macau 119 ICBC Macau
Singapore 103 Singapore Branch
Indonesia 120 ICBC Indonesia ×
Holland 164 Amsterdam Branch ×
Japan 105 Tokyo Branch
Malaysia 129 ICBC Malaysia ×
Pakistan 6001 Karachi Branch ×
Australia 125 Sydney Branch
Korea 106 Seoul Branch ×
Vietnam 127 Hanoi Branch ×
Laos 6005 Vientiane Branch ×
Cambodia 6008 Phnom Penh Branch ×
Qatar 121 Doha Branch ×
The United Arab Emirates 122 ICBC Middle East ×
128 Abu Dhabi Branch ×
Kazakhstan 109 ICBC Alma-Ata ×
Russia 123 ICBC Moscow ×
France 160 Paris Branch ×
Belgium 161 Brussels Branch ×
Italy 162 Milan Branch ×
Spain 163 Madrid Branch ×
Thailand 165 ICBC Thailand ×
India 166 Mumbai Branch ×
Canada 167 ICBC Canada ×
The UK 115 ICBC London ×