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ICBC (Asia) now has over 140 ATMs located in different areas in Hong Kong. Over 601 machines support instant HKD cash deposits and selected ATMs provide brand new RMB cash deposits function. Additionally, ICBC(Asia) ATMs can settle credit card payment during cash deposits. Meanwhile, the bank has always been committed to improve the functionality of our ATM , in the aim to provide you with a more suitable and superior financial services.

Our Supported Networks

  • You will be able to withdraw HKD or RMB cash with debit card (also known as ATM card) printed with or logo. The service is free of charge2.
  • You can also withdraw HKD cash by using your debit card /credit card printed with ,,, , , , , or or logo, but you need to accept the service charge and related terms and conditions of the card issuance bank and used networks.

Services Provided

  • HKD cash withdrawal
  • Payment and Credit Card Payment
  • RMB cash withdrawal
  • Statement and cheque book request
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Donation
  • Transfer
  • Change password
  • Real-time HKD cash deposits4
  • Overseas Transaction Setting
  • Real-time RMB cash deposit 4
  • Interbank Transfer Service
  • Change ATM Language
  • Personal e-Banking Token Request

Other Notes

  • Using debit card printed with logo to withdraw cash: the minimum and maximum cash withdrawal amount per transaction is HKD100 and HKD10,000 respectively. Daily maximum cash withdrawal limit is HKD20,000 or its equivalent per card.
  • ICBC (Asia) ATM provides cash ¥100 only for RMB cash withdrawal. You can withdraw CNY cash with minimal 100 and maximal 4,000 each time.
  • Using other banks' debit cards with logo: the withdrawal limit depends on the card issuance bank3.
  • HKD deposit daily maximum limit per account is HKD 100,000. ICBC (Asia) ATMs accept the banknotes of HKD 100, HKD 500 and HKD 1,000.
  • RMB deposit daily maximum limit per account is CNY 20,000. ICBC (Asia) ATMs accept the banknotes of CNY 100 only.
  • A service fee of 0.25% of total RMB deposit amount will be charged if RMB deposit amount exceeds the maximum daily RMB deposit limit(for all channels). The minimum charge of service fee is CNY 50. For details please refer to General Services Charges (effective 1 Oct 2022).
  • RMB Deposit function is applicable to RMB saving account, RMB current account and RMB subsidiary account of UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card. No foreign exchange involves in the transaction.
  • Cash deposits to ICBC(Asia) credit card accounts via Multi-function ATMs will be credited on the next calendar day.
  • Enhanced Security for ATM Overseas Withdrawal Services
  • ATM Security Tips
  • For cash deposit, if customer enter an integrated account no. with the last digit "0" , cash should be deposit into current account automatically.


  1. The statistic is collected as of the end of March, 2022.
  2. It is free of charge to use the ICBC (Asia)'s and other JETCO member banks' debit cards to withdraw cash. When using credit card account to withdraw cash, there is a general services charge and other related financial charges. (Please consult with the card issuing banks for details).
  3. The withdrawal limit depends on the card issuance bank (Please consult with card issuance bank for details).
  4. Only available at selected Multi-function ATMs.

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