Frequently Asked Questions - Bank Account

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    1. How can I open account? What are the application procedure and documents needed?
      If you would like to open an ICBC Asia account, please visit one of our branch in Hong Kong for processing.
      The account opening documents are as below : -
      1. HKID Card/Passport
      2. Residential address proof (e.g. bank statement or utility bill issued within the latest 3 months)
      For branch details, please visit here
    2. How can I change my contact information such as Phone number, Address and Email Address?
      If you would like to change your contact information, please visit our branch for processing or please fill in the following form . Please send the form to the ICBC(Asia) branch where your account was opened. For branch details, please visit here
    3. What does the last digit of the account number of integrated accounts represent for?
      Our integrated accounts services can manage several sub-accounts under a single account number. The last digit of the account number represents for different sub-accounts as follows:
      “1” represents HKD Current Account
      “2” represents HKD Statement Savings Account
      “3” represents Multi-currency Statement Savings Account
      “4” represents Time Deposit Account
      “5” represents USD Current Account
      “6” represents RMB Current Account (only suitable for opened RMB sub-account service in Hong Kong)
      “7” represents RMB Statement Savings Account (only suitable for opened RMB sub-account service in Hong Kong)
      (Above applicable for Integrated Account, “e-Age Banking” Account, Elite Club Account)
    4. For opening account, how much I need to deposit ?
      The initial deposits of the HKD Savings and Current Account are HK$100 and HK$1,000 respectively.
    5. Any minimum balance service fees will charge on my deposit account?
      In order to provide convenient and better service experiences to our customers, the minimum balance service fees for HKD Savings and Current Account are removed with effective from 5 August 2019. For other service fees, please visit General Service Charges
    6. Any service fee for Integrated Account Services?
      The monthly service fee for "e-Age Banking Account" and "Integrated Account" are removed with effective from 5 August 2019.
      A monthly service fee will be charged based on the daily average total liquid assets for the last 3 months of an "Elite Club" Account:
    7. Daily Average Total Liquid Assets of Last 3 Months* Monthly Service Fee#
      HK$800,000 or above Waived
      HK$500,000 or above - Less than HK$800,000 HK$30
      Less than HK$500,000 HK$300

      * Average Total Liquid Assets refers to the total of your deposits and the market value of investments in all your single and joint name(s) accounts at our Bank. For details, please contact our staff.

      # Monthly service fee will be automatically deducted from your designated settlement account. The Bank reserves the right to terminate your "Elite Club" banking services if monthly service fee cannot be deducted from the designated settlement account.

    8. If I want to open an "Elite Club" Account, any monthly service fee and how much I need to deposit?
      For more details related to "Elite Club" Account, please visit: here
    1. What is the maximum loan amount for Vehicle Financing Service?
      The maximum loan amount is 100% of vehicle purchase price. It is determined with reference to your affordability and actual needs. You should consider carefully as to whether you are able to afford the monthly repayment while putting aside sufficient funds to settle your daily expenses. To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!
      The final approved APR is subject to the loan amount and credit assessment result.
    2. What kind of document is required for an application of Vehicle Financing?
      Required documents are including Hong Kong Identity Card, address proof, sales contract and income proof.
    3. Can I apply for Vehicle Financing Service through Personal Internet Banking?
      Yes. Application procedures are simple. You can simply input the Vehicle Financing information and upload required application documents (if any). Our relationship manager will contact you within 3 working days upon receiving your application. If all the required documents are submitted, you will receive the approval result within a week.
    4. Will the Bank access my personal credit record when processing a Vehicle Financing application?
      Under normal circumstances, the Bank will request a credit report on you from the credit reference agencies for assessment purpose. Applicant may contact the credit reference agency to acquire the relevant report.
    5. What is “Rule of 78”?
      Please refer to Explanation of “Rule of 78” for Vehicle Financing for details.
    6. What is an Annualised Percentage Rate?
      Annualised Percentage Rate (APR) is calculated according to the method set out in the relevant guidelines referred to in the Code of Banking Practice. A reference rate which includes the basic interest rates and other fees and charges of a product expressed as an annualised rate.
    7. What are the expenses incurred in Vehicle Financing Service?
      Please refer to “Key Facts Statement (KFS) for Instalment Loan - Vehicle Financing” for the standard fees and charges.
    8. What are the expenses incurred if I apply for fully settlement within the loan period?
      The loan outstanding principal amount, interest accrued up to next due date, early repayment fee^ or total outstanding interest payment (whichever is lower), overdue interest (if any) and late payment fee & charge (if any) will be charged if you fully repay the loan during the loan period. Partial repayment is not allowed.
      ^Please refer to “Key Facts Statement (KFS) for Instalment Loan - Vehicle Financing” for details.