ICBC (Asia) Password Token and USB-Shield

ICBC (Asia) USB-Shield is a Digital Certificate issued by Digi-sign Certification Services Limited and launched by our bank which provides the two-factor authentication for our Commercial Internet Banking Customers (for signer use only). ICBC (Asia) Password token adopts new generation of encryption technology to enhance customer's transaction security. Customer can authorize the transactions such as non-registered third party account's funds transfer, register other bank's credit card for bill payment, Cashier's Order Request or Demand Draft Request (collected at branch by authorized person or by registered mail to the customer's correspondence address), Autopay - Standing Instruction Request and other transactions.

Pleasedownload the ICBC (Asia) USB-Shield manual to install it.Relevant driver needs to be installed in order to use the ICBC (Asia) USB-Shield storage media. PleasePlease click here to download the driver for installation。If you have any installation inquiries, please contact Digi-sign Certification Services Limited's customer services hotline at 2917 8833.Apply Now! !