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    eBanking Security Tips


    How well is my information being protected with your Internet Banking Service?

    • The system is equipped with network security features. It includes TLS(Transport Layer Security) with end-to-end encryption and Firewalls protection. Your input is encrypted by the end-to-end encryption within your browser before it is sent to our bank through the SSL channel to ensure every transaction is safe.
    • Our bank currently accepts password token as two-factor authentication vehicle for the Internet Banking. Password token adopts new generation technology of dynamic password for authentication to ensure security when performing transactions in Internet Banking.
    • Identification of User ID and password with enforced change of password upon the first login.
    • The Internet banking Service will be suspended if the login password has been incorrectly entered for 3 consecutive times in the same day.

    For your maximum protection, we would like to remind you to take the following precautionary measures to prevent the fraudulent use of the password or unauthorized disclosure.