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ICBC (Asia) OpenAPI Developer Portal

To facilitate the Open Application Programming Interface Framework issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”) in July 2018, ICBC (Asia) has opened the Application Programming Interface (“Open API”), so that customers can get our product information or enjoy our services through the Third-Party Service Providers.

What is Open API?
Application programming interface (“API”) is a computer programming approach for facilitating exchange of information and executing instructions between different computer systems. Open APIs refer to APIs that allow third party to access to systems of an organization. Open API allows the Bank to share details about their products and services with third-party service providers who can create their own applications basing on these APIs for their own customers, such as comparing interest rate or FX rate among banks, showing branches or ATMs on map applications.

How can customers use Open API safely?
The Bank will release the Open Banking partners (i,e. Third-party Service Providers) on this page from time to time. Before trying to use our services through a third-party application or website, please make sure the corresponding third-party service provider is on the ICBC (Asia) Third-party Service Provider Partners List on this page.

When you use our services through third-party applications or websites, please DO NOT disclose your bank account number, user name, password or one-time password. Should you have any queries, please contact us.

To learn more about Open API, please watch the video (Chinese version only) below provided by HKMA:

ICBC (Asia) Third-party Service Provider Partners List:
Currently the Bank has not partnered with any third-party service provider, relevant information will be updated in due course.

For third-party service providers or developers, we provide different APIs and services through ICBC (Asia) OpenAPI Developer Portal. We are looking forward to creating more value with you.

The services provided by our developer portal:

  • Self registration, developer account management
  • App registration
  • API access application
  • Test in Sandbox

Stay tuned for more updates

Brand new API services are launched in our developer portal:

  1. Interest rate and preferential HKD savings interest rate API
  2. Foreign exchange rate API
  3. Branch services and ATM information API
  4. Retail products information API, including accounts, credit card, loans, insurances and investment products while the APIs also return the application link for the product
  5. SME account information retrieve API
  6. Individual account information retrieve API

If any developer or third-party service provider is interested in collaboration or wants us to provide other types of API, please email us at OpenAPI@icbcasia.com or visit our developer portal (openapi.icbcasia.com) > API Use Case> click any use case> Contact Us (top right corner) to share your ideas.

Important Notice:

This website provides services for software developers. If you are looking for our corporate website or internet banking services of ICBC (Asia), please visit www.icbcasia.com.