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Personal Internet Banking One-line Registration

ICBC(Asia) offers On-line Registration of Personal Internet Banking service. If you are our bank customer with the following services,

  • ATM Card , or
  • Phone Banking, or
  • Credit Card,

simply complete several steps for registration, and then you can operate your bank accounts through Internet Banking service.

(This service is only applicable for the customer who has not yet applied for our Personal Internet Banking Services. If you have already opened or activated our Internet Banking Services, please select Personal Internet Banking and click the "Go" button to login our Personal Internet Banking Service directly.)

  • Register Now:Please click  to become our Personal Internet Banking customer, and enjoy the convenience of Internet Banking service.

  • Step for Registration4 simple steps to activate the service.

Step 1 : Choose account for registration

a. Please select any one of the account type; e.g. ATM card, Phone banking, Credit Card etc.
b. Please input your account information
c. Please input the identity text in accordance with the graphic shown

Step 2 : Create Personal Information for Login Personal Internet Banking Services

a. Input user name, then click on "Check Login Name" to check whether the user name is valid.
b. Setup and confirm the password
c. Input date of birth, then press "Next"

Step 3 : Accept "Terms and Condotions" and "Privacy Statement and Disclaimer"

a. Please read the 'Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Statement and Disclaimer" carefully, and then click on "I Agree"

Step 4 : On-line Registration of Personal Internet Banking Services Completed

a. Your account number, transaction limit will be automatically generated
b. Please click "Login Now" to the login page.