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【One number for all services you need】

ICBC (Asia) Phone Banking Services provides you a convenient and easy way to conduct any financial transaction anytime and anywhere. One hotline number for all services such as account balance enquiry, securities trading, bill payment and charity donation, funds transfer and currency trading, credit cards service, etc.

Feature & Advantage

1.Provides 24-hour service. For details, please refer to phone banking user guide for the services hours.

2.Offers automatic banking services and interactive voice response services to fit your needs

3.Free international roaming Service:When you are in Hong Kong, you may dial a local call 218 95588 and connect you to China or overseas to manage your ICBC bank accounts without any long distance call cost.

4.Roaming Service for mainland customer:When you are on the Mainland, you can dial a local call 95588 and connect you to Hong Kong to access your ICBC (Asia) bank accounts, credit card and securities accounts.

Please click here to download Phone Banking User guide

ICBC (Asia)’s phone banking service overview

You can access the following services by simply dialing 218 95588:

    • Account balance and transaction detail enquiry
    • Funds transfer and currency trading+
    • Bill payment , credit card payment and charity donation++
    • Time deposit placement, renewal , redemption and maturity instruction amendment
      • Cheque status enquiry and stop payment
      • Cheque book and statement request
      • Overseas ATM cash withdraw services setting
      • Overseas credit card cash withdraw services setting
      • Deposit rates and exchange rates enquiry
      • Paper gold scheme unit price enquiry
      • Branch information enquiry
      • Form request through fax
      • Change of phone banking PIN
      • Free roaming service for transferring the line to mainland* or overseas ICBC

Contact Customer Service Officer

The menu contains a brief introduction for the business provided by our bank so that customers can simply transfer the line to our Customer Service Officer for further enquiry or to access various bank services (personal /corporate).

      • Lost / stolen card reporting^
      • Exclusive products & services for Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Greater Bay area and witness service enquiry
      • Medium enterprise service enquiry
      • Internet banking service enquiry
      • Securities, investment,insurance and loan service enquiry
      • Manned phone securities trading service
      • General banking service information and newest promotion enquiry
      • Credit Card Service enquiry

+ Third party account transfer is only applicable for personal accounts and the registered third accounts in our bank.

++ High risk payment including but not limited to securities, financial affairs or Union Pay credit card is only applicable for personal accounts and which is required to register in branch.

* Customer can select the area zone and input the area code, for example “020” for Guangzhou, then line will be free-roaming transferred to ICBC Guangzhou Customer Service Hotline 95588. Please call 95588 when you are on the Mainland, press “0” for English and “8” for Roaming Service, then press “2” for Overseas Roaming, and “1” for ICBC (Asia) Phone Banking services.

^ These services are only applicable for personal accounts. Due to security reason, our bank will generally accept the call of reporting lost card made by the card holder only. In the case of deafness or customer who have special needs, our bank could also accept the call made by the third party.

Service applicable to

Personal & Commercial customers

Account opening conditions

Personal & Commercial customers can open ICBC(Asia) Phone banking Services with any of your savings/current account or credit card

Steps for registration

Apply in person:Please bring along your valid identification documents/supporting documents to our branch for application . For the customers who open the account via Account Opening Witness Service provided by ICBC, please apply the service via the designated ICBC branches in mainland.

Apply by post:Please download the Personal Internet Banking/Phone Banking Services Application/ Amendment Form via our website and send to any of our branches after completion.

Service Hour & Channel

General enquiry hotline:
Monday to Friday 9:00 - 20:00 and Saturday 9:00 - 13:00. No service on Sunday and public holiday.

Investment and Insurance enquiry hotline :
Monday to Friday 9:00 - 18:00 . No service on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday.

Report lost card, internet banking and credit card enquiry hotline:
24-hour service

Tips for phone banking

After choosing your preferred language:

Press“1”for Automatic Banking Services.

Press“3” for Lost Card Reporting.

Press“5”for Securities, Investment, Insurance and Loan Service, then press“2”for Manned Phone Securities Services.

Press“7” & “9” for general banking services.

Important Notice

If you forget your phone banking PIN, you can reset it through any of our branches with your valid identification documents/supporting documents or fill in the form and send it to any of our branches for processing. For the customers who open the account via Account Opening Witness Service provided by ICBC, please reset the PIN via the designated ICBC branches in mainland.

Risk Disclosure

For security reasons, please change your password periodically and avoid including the following items in your PIN: the date of birth, identity card number, phone number or repeated number.

Please safeguard your PIN, or you may suffer loss of personal information or assets.

Gentle reminder: Please pay attention to the trend of bogus voice message phone calls. Our Bank will not require customers to provide sensitive personal information through phone calls, and never contact customers via pre-recorded messages. If customers received any suspected call claimed to be related to the Bank, SMS messages to request the customer to call a bogus hotline number mentioned in the message to check the credit card transactions, or want to verify our staff identities and, verify our Bank’s other hotline numbers, please press 7 and then 9 to contact our Customer Service Officer or check out our Bank’s hotline numbers at the back of ATM/Credit cards or on our Bank’s website. Do not follow the information provided in SMS messages. If you have provided, or suspected that you have provided your personal information to bogus bank hotline numbers, you should immediately contact our Bank and report such cases to any local Police Station or the Hong Kong Police Force.

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