View Your e-Advice

How to view your e-Advice via our personal online banking service.

How to View e-Advice:

Step 1: Logon to Internet Banking via

Step 2: Select [e-Advice]→[Apply for/Cancel e-Advice]

View e-Advice

  1. Customers can browse and download registered e-Advice through this function.
  2. The page displays all notifications by default, and customers can choose e-Advice such as remittances and deposits.
  3. Please click “download” to print the e-Advice. The e-Advice is in Portable Data Format (PDF). Your computer should have installed with an Acrobat Reader (version 7.0 or above) to view the Advice. If your computer has not installed with Acrobat Reader, you can download a free version of Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.