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Please read the "Privacy Statement & Disclaimer".

We will handle your application. For urgent matters, please contact our customer service representative at (852)218 95588.


1. Once you submit your application, our specialist will contact and follow up your case in three working days.

2.This service is only available to new customers applying for “Elite Club”, “e-Age Banking” Account or “Integrated Account”. Existing customers can set up account through our e-banking service.

3. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited (the “Bank”) reserves its right of final decision on whether to accept your account application.

4. Apart from the required documents listed, you may be required to provide additional documents in individual cases.

5. Your appointment of account opening and the required documents are subject to change . The appointment time and the documents required for account opening are subject to the phone confirmation in advance between you and our customer manager.

6. Your scheduled appointment and the time for completing the account opening may be subject to the actual waiting time of a particular branch.

7. If a customer fails to complete the account opening in person at any of our branches within 21 days after submission of the online application, the bank will delete all the input data thereafter. Customer who wishes to apply for account opening again must submit a new application.

8. The information provided above is for reference only and is subject to the Account Opening Form signed at the branch.