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Direct Investment

I. Description
The ICBC Group directly conducts fund investment and management, market-oriented equity project investment, or provides direct investment financial advisory services to domestic and foreign institutional investors. Specifically, the service covers private equity fund investment and management, FOF fund investment and management, direct investment in equity projects, investment in share options, assisting cooperative institutions in the search for potential investment targets, and assisting cooperative institutions in the valuation of target companies.

II. Applicable Targets
Enterprises with good industry prospects and high growth potential or institutional investors with investment needs.

III. Requirements
Institutional investors with investment demand can apply for the service.

IV. Service Channels
Investment banking departments at all levels.

V. Charge and Tax Standards
Both parties sign the direct investment agreement or direct investment advisory service upon negotiations. The service will be charges as per agreed standard.

Note: The information contained herein is for reference only. Terms and conditions are subject to regulations issued by local ICBC branch.