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Cross-Border M&A

I. Description
Relying on its domestic and overseas networks across 45 countries and regions and partners worldwide and leveraging its extensive customer base and professional advisory teams, ICBC provides advisory and investment & financing services for Chinese enterprises’ “going global” strategy and foreign enterprises’ M&A in China through diversified products, such as cross-border M&A advisory and cross-border investment and financing. Cross-border M&A include cross-border M&A advisory business and cross-border investment and financing business.
Cross-border M&A financial consultancy: Providing transaction matchmaking, buyer financial advisory services, seller financial advisory services and financing advisory services. Specifically, the services include due diligence, target valuation, participation in or organization of bidding, transaction negotiation, M&A financing, equity delivery, and post-merger integration.
Cross-border investment and financing: ICBC flexibly combines M&A loans, liquidity debt, standby M&A loans, syndicated financing, agency M&A financing, strategic investment introduction, Pre-IPO and other investment and financing instruments, and provides tailored M&A investment and financing arrangements. 

II. Applicable Targets
1. Chinese and foreign enterprises with cross-border asset and equity acquisition or sale demand;
2. Chinese and foreign enterprises with intention of asset restructuring through cross-border investment and financing channels;
3. Chinese and foreign enterprises with intention of financing on cross-border capital markets.

III. Features and Advantages
According to the 2017 global and regional M&A financial advisor ranking released by Reuters, ICBC led the cross-border M&A transaction volume for the third consecutive year among all domestic and foreign financial institutions participating under coverage. Through its strong customer base and external cooperation resources, and an extensive network of domestic and overseas institutions, ICBC has actively provided a package of financial services for the international capacity cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative domestic consumption and industrial upgrading, as well as high-quality Chinese enterprises “going global” strategy.

IV. Charging Standards
Through negotiation, both parties enter into a cross-border M&A financial consultancy service agreement and other relevant service agreements; the financial consultancy service will be charged as per agreed standard.

Disclaimer:The information contained herein is for reference only. Terms and conditions are subject to regulations issued by local ICBC branch.