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Government Financial Advisory Service
With government financial advisory service, ICBC provides professional, comprehensive, constant and tiered financial advisory services for governments and their related institutions by integrating internal and external investment banking business and professional researches and consulting service resources based on the diversified demands of governments at different levels for financial and debt management, infrastructure construction and public service areas, regional economic and industrial development. Government financial advisory service is divided into three services including perennial financial advisory, senior financial advisory and special financial advisory.

Perennial financial advisory service mainly contains basic study and consulting service. With strong resources in professional study, ICBC provides daily study reports for customers about macro economy, fiscal and monetary policies, industrial policies and development trend, investment policies and capital etc.; and offers daily consulting service for the customers to solve their basic questions about investment & financing.

Senior advisory service means ICBC provides investment & financing advisory (including introduction to and selection of financial products and services, interpretation of investment & financing policies and design of investment & financing schemes), forum service and ICBC Security e-Message risk consulting, etc. based on the customer’s demand for specific investment & financing and risk recognition, in addition to perennial financial advisory service.
Special advisory service means ICBC provides some or all of six customized services including macro and regional economic analysis, fiscal and debt management, industrial development suggestions, evaluation on polices and plans, major project advisory and investment promotion advisory.

Special Advisory Service of Government Financial Advisory

Category Solution focuses on the integration of fundamentals and finance
Project Advisory ICBC can provide the economic and financial feasibility assessment, investment & financing plans and financial services about key projects.
Investment Promotion Advisory ICBC provides services such as design of investment promotion plan, investor roadshow and introduction of strategic investors.
Financial and Debt Management Advisory ICBC can provide analysis on the regional economic and financial dynamics, assist in the preparation of balance sheet and offer debt management suggestions and investment & financing arrangements based on the information provided by local governments (financial revenue and expenditure, national assets, financial environment and development plan).
Policies and Plans Advisory ICBC can provide industrial integration plan, reform of state-owned enterprises and transformation plan of government financing platform, regional policies evaluation and suggestions, etc.
Industrial Development Advisory ICBC can provide suggestions about regional industrial development, key industrial analysis and comparison of key enterprise competitiveness, etc.
Macro and Regional Economic Advisory ICBC can provide research on Chinese macro economy, Chinese regional economy, international macro economy and country economy, etc.

Applicable Targets:
Central ministries, local governments at different levels (provinces, cities, countries, management committees of development areas, etc.), departments of provincial and municipal governments; central and local enterprises and public institutions and social communities, etc.

Service Channels and Hours:
Please kindly contact the investment banking business department of local branches.

Charging Standards:
Both parties should sign the government financial advisory agreement upon negotiations. The financial advisory service will be charged as per agreed standard.

The information contained herein is for reference only. Terms and conditions are subject to regulations issued by local ICBC branch.