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Perennial Financial Advisory Service

I. Description
Perennial financial advisory service makes full use of ICBC’s advantages in staff, information and technology and provides continuing, fee-charged, high-end, customized financial advisory services for the customers, including government financial advisory service and enterprise financial advisory service.
With regard to government financial advisory service, ICBC provides professional, comprehensive, constant and tiered financial advisory services for governments and their related institutions, by integrating internal & external investment banking business and professional researches & consulting service resources based on the diversified demands of governments at different levels for financial and debt management, infrastructure construction and public services, regional economic and industrial development.
On enterprise financial advisory service, ICBC provides professional, comprehensive, constant, tiered and paid financial advisory services for corporate customers to meet their need for investment banking advisory services at different stages, or for a specific project by integrating internal and external sources of research, advisory services and investment banking.

II. Applicable Targets
Governments and their related institutions, and enterprises.

III. Service Channels and Hours
Please contact the investment banking department of ICBC’s local branches.

IV. Charge and Tax Standards (Optional)
Subject to the Service Tariff issued by ICBC.

Note: The information contained herein is for reference only. Terms and conditions are subject to regulations issued by local ICBC branch.